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The game is not bad for a prototype. I can see the potential for this game to be awesome: Keep it up, also, I don't think this is intentional, but the cards keep piling up on the bottom right. Dragging them doesn't seem to do anything, it just picks it up and reveals the card below, but releasing the mouse reverts the card back to where it was. Any help or am I just doing something wrong?

Edit: A few changes that'll make life easier: It'd be really great to see a visual indicator on the dice roll, so I can know what the roll result was, and when ending your turn, either be a small notification or glow, I'd like to know when it's my turn and time to roll, or If I already rolled and the game is just waiting for me to use my cards or end my turn.


Hey, thanks for your feedback! No youre not doing anything wrong, i just didnt have enough time in the jam to code that in! Thats the first thing i will be fixing however, and it really ruins the game! And yes, i definitely need to add more visual and auditory feedback for all the buttons. Thank you so much for playing the first little prototype, really means a lot!

Ah I see, I wish you luck!